1 Month Into 2016

It is crazy to think I am already one month into my 2016 season and it has been everything you can imagine and some. It started with the most stressful thing ever which was that my new 15 seat bike got delayed so it wouldn’t be here in time for the St Patrick’s Day Parade and I had paid for 2 bikes to be in the parade and booked tours on them. Luckily I was able to drive to Buffalo and pick up one of our bikes from there and trailor it back to Rochester. Later that night was my first 2 bike tour and it went off perfectly, one of the things I picked up from this trial 2 bike tour is that we will call the bar ahead of time to let them know we are coming so that they can try to properly staff for when the tour arrives. We do everything in our power to make sure your tour is as fun as possible.  St Patricks Day Parade and the actual holiday went off without a hitch, the groups and I had fun.  Getting to meet new people is what I like most about my job, as a business owner I love to hear about what other people do for a living…. and people love to hear all my crazy stories from driving.  The new eventually got delivered and wrapped by Bud Light and the bike looks awesome! During this tundra of a month we have done a ton of tours which is awesome because all of these groups had a great time and I am sure I will see them again during these summer months.  No one has a problem with it being to cold during their tours when they dress properly, but for the driver no matter how warm I dress I will still freeze my ass off.  It has been a rough month for my body temperature but looking at this forecast for the week ahead it appears that Spring has finally arrived.  With Spring arriving the tour schedule gets much busier and the GoFlingo 13 seat bike begins touring regularly now. This week alone we have 4! 2 bike tours and we have had many many book for later this Summer. On the topic of tours booking this Summer they are booking up quickly, while we have plenty of availability left you want to book sooner rather than later. It is always painful when we get a phone call from someone who organized a group for a certain date and time and was waiting to book it and when they got around to booking it, the date and time was taken.  People often ask us to put us on a waiting list should that time open up but the reality is since I started this business only 2 groups have ever cancelled their reservations and both times it was super last minute due to an unforeseen event.  The Summer of 2016 is going to be awesome on so many levels, the fun part of my life is when I am driving the tours. Everything else is work but when I am behind that wheel and my group is having an Awesome Experience that is the best feeling in the world. When the tour ends I take a photo of the group and I always love hearing all the complements and people asking for a business card or where would be most helpful to write a review on. If you are reading this and have been out on a tour and haven’t wrote a review yet please go on Google and let all the people who search Rochester Pedal Tours see all the awesome stuff that you felt when you went out on a tour. It is huge because as an established business I want to take out as many tourists as possible because I know what a great experience they will have out and it will be part of their last memory of Rochester.

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