10 Things Groups Had To Learn The Hard Way So You Wont Do Them

1.) Drink there own alcohol and eat there own food at Marshall Street Bar and Grill. You are at a business so idk why anyone would think that would be allright in the first place but the fact that it makes this list tells you we need to cover it for a reason. Anyone caught drinking there own alcohol outside Marshall Street Bar and Grill is NOT allowed on the pedal tour. We do not want to get started off on such a bad note so please make sure your group knows and if you were to have someone open there beer from the parking lot to the bar that you take it from them and put it in the cooler and no harm no foul.

2.) Bring too much alcohol and have to put it back in there car. They then ask where they can hide the alcohol during the tour instead of running it down the street to the parking lot. Make sure you abide by the rules so you do not have to go through this step

3.) Mix drinks in water bottles Рwe know what that is and we have to take it and give it back to you at the end. We allow you to bring beer, wine, cider, bud lite a ritas,sparkling seltzers, twisted  teas so we give you plenty of options to follow our rules.

4.) Not listen to us about footwear- we tell everyone to wear sneakers because we care about your safety. Yes if you show up in sandals we will not ban you from the tour but we want to make sure that when the bike is moving and the pedals are moving that when you have to catch the pedals that they do not hit anyone on the foot and hurt them

5.) Bring all types of snacks and not bring them into the bar on each route that allows you to bring your own snacks in. No one wants to be the reason that the snacks were opened for but if you open them everyone will dig in. Bring them inside, open them and watch everyone eat them

6.) Throw popcorn, grapes, gold fish at each other and make a mess of the bike. Your driver has to pick up and clean up the bike after you for the next tour and if you see how busy the get one group off the bike/load up the next group is they do not have time to have extra clean up

7.) Leave your cell phone, wallet, keys in your pockets while you pedal- we specifically word it “its not a question of IF you will lose what is in your pockets but a question of WHEN you will lose it” because it is true and we do not want to have to try to find it. As someone who has lost his wallet I know how scary a feeling that is and we want to avoid that so leave it to us

8.) Bring massive purses- you only need a basic wristlet for your money, credit card and personal information. Leave the massive bags at home, they take up too much of our limited storage space

9.) Put someone who doesnt care about the music in charge of the music. Groups tend to dish off music playing to whoever has battery instead of who has pandora plus or spotify premium and we have to listen to commercials every skip. Also dont criticize every song they play because they were delegated to play music they didnt volunteer

10) Be a guy who doesn’t pedal. Too much anti chivalry going on of guys running back to the bike early to take a non peddaling seat. Be a gentlemen and pedal don’t be a Mitch. You will be judged hard by everyone else in the group especially if you do it every leg of the trip

11.) Try to skirt the rules example.) no jello shots, bring pudding shots and along those lines. We always ask if you plan on bringing anything extra so that in case you are going to bring something that didnt make our list of rules we can stop it before it happens. Another example is the bachelorette game where you have to get people to do certain things, we cannot have our groups being obnoxious in bars becuase they are competing. Ex) Having to dance on a bar, kiss a cop or random guy, or any other number of things that can be taken the wrong way. 

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