21st Birthday Pedal Tour

It’s always a fun time in a young adult’s life when they turn 21. There is always the question of how you should celebrate you friend or family member’s special occasion. One of the best ways to do this, especially in the coming summer months is going on a pedal tour!

Rochester Pedal Tour 21st Birthday Celebration

Rochester Pedal Tours Provides Some Great Options

Of course, since it is a 21st birthday, there will be some drinking. We want to make sure that the birthday girl or guy has the best time, while staying safe. Our pedal tours provide some great options to have fun in Rochester with your friends and family members.

Here are some great options:

  • Private Pub Crawls – Our pub crawls are great for hitting your favorite bars and pubs in Rochester. We have a maximum of a 15-seater bike, which is good for the cost because it is fixed. The more people you get, the price is less. All of the tours start and ends at Marshall Street Bar and Grill, but you get to customize your route!
  • Private Brewery Tour – Our brewery tours are also a fun-filled option because we take you to some of the best in town. This is a two-hour tour of three Rochester Brewery options with a couple other stops along the way.

There are plenty of other pedal tour options that you can customize and get creative with. These are the best ones for a 21st birthday, but we can always get a little creative with other tours.

Don’t Wait to Schedule a Fun-Filled Party!

If you’re looking to celebrate your friend or family member’s 21st birthday, a pedal tour is a great way to do this. We can customize your tour to fit your interests and needs, and we provide some of the best memories. Contact Rochester Pedal Tours at 585-348-7498 to book your next party!

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  1. Bonnie

    Interested in 21st birthday party on July 5 2021. Please more information and availability. Thank you

    • szai_bpt

      we have availability at 1,330,6 and 830pm. There is a lot of information to convey so the easiest thing to do is to suggest reading the frequently asked questions section to found out everything there is to know about a tour or giving us a phone call


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