Multiple Bike Tours

We have 4 bikes operating that can be rented at the same time for groups of up to 56 people out. Featuring two 15 and two 13 seat bikes. While you can rent two bikes with as little as 16 people when you book the second bike you are locked into renting two bikes so you want to make sure you will need them. You tell the driver how many guests will be coming when they call you a few days before your tour.  For multi bike tours we encourage groups to go from Beer Park to Playhouse or Lux.  You do not have to pick this route but depending on the number of guests not every bar is doable.  Everything takes longer with 2 bikes from taking photos to groups getting drinks at the bar. Your drivers will do a lot to make for a successful tour such as calling you ahead of time finding out where you want to go and also calling the bars to let them know we are coming. 

Our 4 bikes

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