Multiple Bike Tours

It sounds crazy to say now that we have 4 bikes going this year. With 4 bikes that means we will stagger our start times so that they are all not leaving at once. We have always had groups wanting to rent more bikes then we had but this year with 4 bikes we can take care of groups of up to 52!!! With multi book tours we recommend stopping at only 2 bars versus 3 on account of groups being less rushed. We steer groups to the South Wedge route because you still get the same pedal time on the bike going to Swiftwater Brewery and Playhouse/Swillburger which is a 90s style arcade and burger bar. At Swiftwater they let you bring in your own food and snacks so it takes longer to eat and drink and at Playhouse/Swillburger they give the first person to order drinks a cup full of tokens to play games. It takes longer to drink when you are playing games so the extra time comes in handy. Everything takes longer with 2 bikes from taking photos to groups getting drinks at the bar. Instead of three bars for 25 minutes it is better to go to 2 bars for 35 minutes. If groups are able to decide what they want ahead of time we can call in drink orders to be ready for your arrival as well.  Most multi bike tours involve 2 bikes but as of June 7th 2017 we have done three 3 bike tours and 1 four bike tour so we do have experience to make it run as smoothly as possible. We lok forward to many multi bike tours and thank you for taking a moment to read our blog entries. 

2 bike birthday pedal tour

All 4 of our bikes

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