About Rochester Pedal Tours

My name is Phil & I am the owner of Rochester Pedal Tours. I moved here from Buffalo in July 2015 and have been driving tours ever since.  I decided to take a shot and go out on my own because I want to be self made and make my family proud.  I started with 1 bike and now I am up to 4! I love to show off Rochester and create a sense of community between my riders and the people we pass on the streets or in cars. When you are on the bike everyone waves back and smiles and interacting with people in cars or on the street is the funnest part about a tour. Drawing on our experience from driving so many tours we have worked to create the perfect tour just do what we tell you to do because we only want to make sure you have as much fun as possible and want to do another tour. That I have put so much time into this website writing out all the pages and blogs and editing them constantly to include new things that work and do not work. Your driver will call you the Monday before to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out what route you want to take and answer any questions you may have.

Now we have 6 awesome employees. Jesse is my original employee and beloved by all of his riders, he works for the South Wedge Planning Committee during the day and drives at night and on the weekend.  Brian is my full time employee he does all of the pre tour phone calls and is an amazing driver. Matt is amazing at repairing the bike and experimenting with new routes for future groups. Jenna is beloved by all of her groups and Kerry and Doug are my newest employees from over 40+ applicants for the Facebook job posting I got the best of the best. When any of them drives you know that you are in great hands with someone who truly wants your group to have as much fun as possible 

Employee Halloween Photo

Rochester Pedal Tours offers an exciting new way to experience Rochester. You are like the queen of England when you are out with your friends on the bike. Everyone is cheering and high 5ing you. We bring guests to cool new bars and restaurants that you will want to visit again in the future. This brand new party experience will make your friends say “why didn’t you invite me” when they see the pictures of you out partying.  Cruise around town picking the bars and restaurants you want to visit. Our trained drivers will make sure your event is fun, safe and truly an unforgettable experience. We now have 4 bikes (3-13 &1-15) seat bikes that can be rented simultaneously. You bring your own food, drinks (beer,wine,cider,sparkling seltzers and Bud Lite A Ritas) and play your own music from your phone to our speakers, decorate the bike and we act as your tour guide and DD

Rochester Pedal Tours is a pedal powered trolley that is powered by you!  No motor, no assists, just you the peddlers. The pedaling is nothing extreme, this is not the Tour de France. When you pedal up a hill, you know you are going up a hill, when you go downhill you will love it.  There is a difference between pedaling and just moving your legs and when everyone pedals together it is more effortless and faster which makes for an easier group pedal.  We accommodate all kinds of groups from people celebrating 21st birthdays to 80th birthdays, groups of middle aged women, multi generational family outings and everything in between. Not only do we appeal to people of all age groups but we have offerings for people of all different interests.  Guests bring all of their own food, snacks, appetizers and candy, play their own music, decorate the bike for the occasion (take a look at great examples from prior groups on our Facebook page) and pick the route/type of tour you want to do. If you have any questions please reach out to us at rochesterpedaltours@gmail.com We pride ourselves on responding quickly and in detail to any questions.

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We do tours YEAR ROUND 🙂