New Downtown Pedal Tour Route

What an exciting time to be downtown, everyday while I am driving tours I notice so many people walking and biking around. You would be shocked at how many tourists visit here, tourists are smart to ask us for directions or where they should go… Read more »

Cycle Boat Pro Tips

This page is to go over more details then the basics covered on the Cycle Boat page on our website. Our only goal is to make sure your group has as much fun as possible and can’t wait to come on another tour. This stuff… Read more »

Great Signs To Piggyback Off Of

Shout out to all the signmakers of these amazing signs. When you decorate the bike it makes a fun experience even funner! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery said Dwight Schrute on The Office so take a look at these amazing signs and use… Read more »


What’s the deal with the Funraiser? This exciting, new “funraiser” is a great way to raise money for your organization while having a good time. After you’ve been approved and we agree on a date, you’ll work to promote the day we’ve agreed on and… Read more »

Cycle Boat Tours

It has been a whirl wind 5 days since I announced the Cycle Boat would begin operating Memorial Day Weekend of 2018. Everyone on the pedal tour bikes is asking the drivers all about how it will work and saying they cannot wait to book… Read more »

Expanding to Syracuse

Syracuse Pedal Tours is now official! After starting in Rochester on July 10th 2015 I have decided to expand to Syracuse and begin operations May 21st!!! Deciding to expand was a testament to the trust in my employees to keep running Rochester Pedal Tours to… Read more »

Post Pedal Tour Idea’s

Your pedal tour just finished, you are feeling good and why would you want the fun to end? Trying to get 15 people who have had a few drinks to agree on something to do is near impossible so that is why it is important… Read more »

Multiple Bike Tours

It sounds crazy to say now that we have 4 bikes going this year. With 4 bikes that means we will stagger our start times so that they are all not leaving at once. We have always had groups wanting to rent more bikes then we… Read more »

WOW it is already mid November

Time flies when you are busy driving pedal tours all the time but it has not finally started to slow down. That does not mean we are done for the year by any means. We have a bunch of work holiday parties in December and… Read more »