Fall Pedal Tours

After a busy summer of tours it leaves me excited for a cooler fall climate which is more condusive to pedal tours. With fall pedal tours not only does the temprature drop but it involves a few different things ranging from types of beers brought,… Read more »

Celebrate Your Next Birthday With Us

Birthdays are by far our largest segment of tours, doubling our next closest which is bachelorette parties. When celebrating your birthday with us be sure to do a few things to make sure your group has the best experience possible. Starting before your tour by… Read more »

Story Time

Every so often on the pedal tour we have a group want to have story time with the driver versus listen to music and they get rewarded with some amazing stories. The blog section of our website seems like a good place to share some… Read more »

Bachelor Parties

We have a write up for bachelorette parties so it is only right we make one for the guys. Last year we did over 100 bachelor parties and they all had a great time. With so ┬ámuch man power pedaling any of the routes is… Read more »

Kids Parties

We offer a wide array of activities for minors to go out on the bike, these tours are on a case by case basis determined by a number of things ranging from the height of the group, will parents be present, do the tours we… Read more »

I Booked A Pedal Tour Now What

First and foremost make sure you booked, you will know you booked your tour because you will get a confirmation email. The confirmation email is ┬ávery important because it will let you know what you need to know before your tours and contains all the… Read more »

Every Tour Ever

From having driven hundreds of tours I have found certain things make people laugh and people say certain things so I wanted to take a moment to joke about all the things we hear driving tours. People always ask us are we the fastest, best,… Read more »

What A Great Start To The Year

I can’t believe it is almost June and at how many pedal tours we have already done. No one appreciates this warm weather more then us your pedal tour drivers. All spring we have froze our butts off waiting on the bike while groups have… Read more »