Progressive Dinner’s

Progressive Dinners are perfect for any occasion, it all comes down to how much people want to spend and what restaurants have good shareable dishes because the theory behind progressive dinners is that you get a lot of different foods then you try different foods… Read more »

Team Building/ Corporate Outings

What is the best type of tour?  When the boss pays for it There is no better team building or corporate outing in the Rochester area then rallying the office and going out on a pedal tour. We have all different types of options depending… Read more »

What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

Now that we go year round I wanted to give some suggestions about how to dress properly for all the seasons.For winter tours wear gloves because once your hands get cold your body will get cold and something to cover your ears because that is where your… Read more »

Year Round Pedal Tours

We have moved to a garage space at 180 Monroe Avenue which will allow us to store all 3 bikes and charge our batteries and speakers overnight before our tours. Have a garage space will also allow us to go year round which we did… Read more »

Decorating The Bike

Whether your tour is a birthday bachelorette or corporate outing, decorating the bike will make your pedal tour more fun. Not only does it make your photos better but when the cars and people in the streets see you are celebrating an occasion they react… Read more »

Mixer Madness-Taco Tuesday

Mixers are when a bunch of smaller groups go out together and they are an absolute blast. We throw Mixers when we do not have any private tours booked. They aren’t something where we add you to someones group that has open space and you… Read more »

Bachelorette Parties

I was just looking thru a run down of our most popular tours to write a piece about them and found it to be the bachelorette parties. You will have an absolute blast out with your girls on the bike as you cruise around the… Read more »

2 Bike Tours

April 13th was our first 2 bike tour using our new bikes (the new bike wasn’t here in time for the St Patrick’s Day Parade) and it was an absolute blast. There is no better team building event then a pedal tour, one of the… Read more »

1 Month Into 2016

It is crazy to think I am already one month into my 2016 season and it has been everything you can imagine and some. It started with the most stressful thing ever which was that my new 15 seat bike got delayed so it wouldn’t… Read more »

Start of Tours In 2016

My first day of tours was the Friday before St Patrick’s Day and it was my first 2 bike tour. Unfortunately my new bike wasn’t delivered in time so I had to drive to Buffalo and pick up one of our bikes there to bring… Read more »