Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties are a huge part of our business!  You will have an absolute blast out with your girls on the bike as you cruise around the city. Decorating the bike will make your night be much funner and better when people know you are… Read more »

2 Bike Tours

April 13th was our first 2 bike tour using our new bikes (the new bike wasn’t here in time for the St Patrick’s Day Parade) and it was an absolute blast. There is no better team building event then a pedal tour, one of the… Read more »

1 Month Into 2016

It is crazy to think I am already one month into my 2016 season and it has been everything you can imagine and some. It started with the most stressful thing ever which was that my new 15 seat bike got delayed so it wouldn’t… Read more »

Start of Tours In 2016

My first day of tours was the Friday before St Patrick’s Day and it was my first 2 bike tour. Unfortunately my new bike wasn’t delivered in time so I had to drive to Buffalo and pick up one of our bikes there to bring… Read more »

Alcohol Policy

The number one thing people asked me last year was how come we can’t drink on the bikes, at the time I did not have the proper designation to allow people to drink but now I do 🙂 The alcohol policy is that you can… Read more »

Done for 2015, What To Expect In 2016

The 4 months of 2015 of doing tours in Rochester were amazing on so many levels. Rochester showed its true colors and stepped up whenever I needed help and I was able to find many great local vendors to work with. I had a some… Read more »

The Routes

When you book a tour we call you in the week leading up to your tour to walk you through how the day of your tour will play out so we can ensure it run’s smoothly and to answer any questions that you have. At… Read more »

Fall Tours

As I write this in November I am one week from packing up the bike and putting it into a garage to store it for the winter. It is not the cold that prevents us from doing tours, it is the salt and slush on… Read more »

Pro Tip’s For Your Groups Tour

At the beginning of every tour we tell the group that we are in a referral based industry. We want to make sure you have a GREAT experience and want to do it again. In fact when you book a tour it asks how did you… Read more »