Celebrate Your Next Birthday With Us

Birthdays are by far our largest segment of tours, doubling our next closest which is bachelorette parties. When celebrating your birthday with us be sure to do a few things to make sure your group has the best experience possible. Starting before your tour by focusing on what the birthday persons favorite things are. There favorite candy, type of beer, snacks and pandora station. Instead of going to there favorite bar mix it up and go to a different area. I know it sounds crazy to read but when you go somewhere new with 12/14 of your best friends anywhere you will go will be a blast. Decorate the bike with a simple sign on the back of the bike, make sure to poke holes in the top corners so we can hang them with string/zip ties. No need to tape anything up but if you are going to please bring painters tape. No packaging tape or clear tape is allowed on the bike. Instead of bringing a cake, bring cupcakes which are easier to eat on the bike. We will also take the group photo on the organizers and birthday persons as a courtesy for choosing to celebrate with us. This will be a great birthday and it is cool that people are celebrating their birthdays with us again this year and I forsee this becoming a birthday tradition for groups with all the different types of tours and routes we have to offer. For all you winter babies we go year round!

Super Hero Pedal Tour

Pick a great theme for your pedal tour

Create a cool sign like Bens group did

Another great decorating job, please note you can not block bring so many ballons that it blocks the drivers view

Signs encouraging honking get the best reaction from the public

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