Craziest Things I Have Seen While Driving A Tour

Hi my name is Phil and I am the owner of the pedal tours, I have been driving tours for 3 years and have driven more tours then any other pedal tour driver in the world. Really tho.I have seen some crazy stuff.  After driving tours for 3 years nothing fazes me or seems to crazy, when you are surrounded by it every day. These are some of the crazy things i have seen. I am sure my drivers have some to that they will share but that is between you and them when you come on a tour. Here are mine in no particular order

-one Sunday afternoon I turn on to South Union from East and a fight erupted in the middle of the street between two women from the church. They threw down for a good minute as the pedal tour cheered it on until a guy broke it up. 

-where do you start with the homeless people? they know not to ask our riders for money or beers so they stay away from the bikes but watching them do some stuff leads to a newfound respect for RPD for having to put up with them on a regular basis. One guy tells you he is out hustling selling poetry he wrote and if you look at the poems they say the real poets name.  The flower guy is the worst, he steals those flowers from peoples gardens then presses them onto girls and tries to get there man to pay for it. I respect Chill Will tho because he gets turned away more times then not but he still comes 100% to the next person no matter how many times in a row he is told no.  Never have, never will knock the hustle.

-once someone mooned a pedal tour, that was really funny. Was he mooning everyone or did he just do it to the pedal tour? Answers I will never know

-this one is not about on a tour but instead about the number of missed connections on craiglist that involve pedal tours. Whether it is someone at a bar who met someone when they came in on a pedal tour or they were on 2 different pedal tours and we talked a little bit post tour at Marshall Street I want to take you to coffee. It is surprising how many people write missed connections in general but the fact it makes it commonly is funny. (when the pedal tours are referenced in one then my friend who reads them all forwards it to me)

-a customer wanted to rent the bike and invite 14 guys she met on tinder who would compete elimi date style to end the night with her. After telling her we need at least 6 peddlers to make the tour work she was still on board. She never did end up booking it. 

-the divorce party pedal tour. those decorations were fire, i loved them.  I have one of the decorations up in the pedal tour garage where signs get hung up on the walls and it actually looks really cool. 

-it is sad that i find it crazy that someone rented a zagster to pedal and return a phone that someone on a pedal tour dropped into the street. The guy did him right and gave him $50 so that was cool to see. Listen to us when we say to take your phone, wallet, keys out of your pocket while you pedal!

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