Cycle Boat FAQ

Pedal Pontoon Boat Tours in Rochester NYCost-$500 on the weekend, $425 weekday. It is a 90 minute tour, tax is included in that number but the tip for 1st Mate/Captain are not

Some commonly asked questions:

-Where does the tour begin and end? At the Port of Rochester Terminal against the river where the Fast Ferry used to pick up at. For those who are unfamiliar with that go against the river portion of the terminal and walk towards the tallest part of the building with the glass enclosed top floor and where the Boaters Shop is. You will see a sign advertising Beer, Snacks, Ice against the water and we begin and end right in front of it. Please also keep what they sell in mind in case you need anything last minute on the day of your tour. They do not have a public bathroom to use.

-How many people does it fit? 18 guests are allowed plus the first mate and captain

-Is there a bathroom? No, what you drink you must hold in you until we return. Before your tour begins we strong encourage everyone to use the bathroom located in the Port Terminal by California Rollin, Abbotts Custard and Margio’s Diner

-Do we make any stops? We offer 2 options, the first is a longer tour on the boat. The 2nd involves making 1 stop, the stop is dependent on adequate dock space being available because the boat is 32 feet long. Your organizer will let the first mate know ahead of time what the plan is

-Are minors allowed on the tour? Children are allowed but you must let us know ahead of time so that we can have the proper life jacket available. Children under 75lbs must wear a special Type 1 life jacket.

-Can a tour be cancelled due to the weather? Yes, Coast Guard regulations due to wave height and lightning. We follow the weather very closely and are in constant contact with the organizer. We work our hardest to avoid having to cancel tours, an example is if lightning is in the area when your tour is supposed to start and will move past us then we will have you wait out the storm in one of the bars at the Port of Rochester and when it is done then your tour will go out and you will get the full 90 minutes on the boat. If later tours are impacted we will contact the organizer right away to let them know what time to arrive at. If the weather prevents your tour from taking place we will try to get your group out on one of our pedal BIKES or you will get a raincheck good for one year from your tour date. No refunds are given

-Does the boat have a motor? Yes it does, the pedal stations are what makes it move while we are on the tour. We only use the motor to leave the dock, tricky situations and if the group is running late to return at the end.

-Can we decorate the boat? Some decorations work better then others, no need to waste your money, time or effort on anything that will blow off right away. If we know it will blow off it cannot go up because we do not litter.

Cycle Pontoon Boat Tours in Rochester NY

-Can we go swimming? Hell No, if someone jumps off a commercial boat like ours then it is Man Overboard on our end and we have to file a notice with the Coast Guard and that will get us in trouble. 

-How much alcohol can we bring on the tour? We allow 3 12oz cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltzer and mikes hard lemonade type drinks per person.  water does not count against your alcoholic beverage count so be sure to bring some for the group. NO Glass or Liquor which does include jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles

-Do you provide a cooler or do we bring it? You can bring 1 cooler if you would like.

-Where should we park? The Port of Rochester is full of free parking

-How much should we tip? The boat features a first mate and master captain, 20% is the standard. The organizer usually collects the tip when the collect the cash for the tour from everyone ahead of time and hands to them as they are helping everyone get off the boat. 

-Can we smoke on the boat? No due to coast guard regulations, e cigarettes may be smoked if it is okay with everyone. Your first mate will ask the group (coast guard rules)

-Is there a weight limit for the bike seats? Yes, if someone is too heavy then they will bend our seat and the chains will not work. 275lb limit but they are able to sit on the back bench or stand.

-Does the bike have shade? The bike has a canopy up top to block the sun, but it does not cover the whole bike so people can stretch out in the sun in the front area of the boat. Make sure you bring some sunscreen tho.

-Dress Policy- Dont wear a skirt or sundress you are sitting on a bike seat for 90 minutes. Make sure everyone is in flats, no high heels because with the waves you will potentially fall/you have to get down a ladder onto the boat. Bring a wristlet vs a large purse to save space for alcohol and food.

-Cycle Boat Passenger Release of Liability Waiver

-Cycle Boat Checklist