Cycle Boat FAQ

Our party boat takes you up and down the Genesse River

Some commonly asked questions:

-How much do tours cost? Tours start at $250 for weekdays (Monday-Thursday) Weekends $300 for up to 10 people. Each additional person is $25 per person up to 18 people. Tax is in those numbers, tip for the crew is not. Organizers usually collect an extra $5 per person when everyone pays them back to collect towards the tip. All tours are an hour and forty minutes

-Where does the tour begin and end? At the Port of Rochester Terminal by where Bill and Grays is. That is where you should tell everyone to park, where the public bathrooms are to use (you must wear a facial covering inside to use them) and where the boat will pick you up and drop you off

-Do we have to wear a mask on the boat? Everyone must bring a facial covering with them.  While you are sitting on the boat you do not have to wear it just as the rules are for restaurants.  Your captain and first mate will be fully masked at all times. We have a full covid 19 policy available on our website.

-How many people does it fit? The boat fits up to 18 175lb people. That does not mean if you are over 175lbs you cannot go what it means is that you must be balanced out by someone less. Coast Guard rules go by combined weight of the group.  This is a super serious rule which is why we state this all over our website and confirmation email so we dont have any misunderstandings.

-Will the high water level of the lake and Genesse River impact our tour? The answer is no. The water level is much lower last year but because of the floating docks we did not have any problems next year.

-Is there a bathroom? No, what you drink you must hold in you until we return. Before your tour begins we strong encourage everyone to “empty the tanks” at the bathroom located in the Port Terminal by California Rollin, Abbotts Custard and Bill Grays whether you have to go at that point or not. No peeing into the river under any circumstances

-Do we make any stops? Usually not, that is why we allow you to bring more alcohol on the tour. Also with bar/restaurants operating at 50% capacity we dont know if they would be even able to serve you if we found a suitable slip. One of the reasons is that the few bars along the lake have limited dock space for a boat of our size. Our boat is over 32 feet long and 12 feet wide so it does not fit in most boat slips. 

-Are minors allowed on the tour? Yes children are allowed on our tours. We have special childens life jackets for those under 75lbs so that can safely float in the event of an emergency. We dont keep them on our boat at all times which is why we must know ahead.

-Can a tour be cancelled due to the weather? Yes, Coast Guard regulations due to wave height and lightning. We follow the weather very closely and are in constant contact with the organizer. We work our hardest to avoid having to cancel tours, an example is if lightning is in the area when your tour is supposed to start and will move past us then we will have you wait out the storm in one of the bars at the Port of Rochester and when it is done then your tour will go out and you will get the full 90 minutes on the boat. If later tours are impacted we will contact the organizer right away to let them know what time to arrive at. Remember that only the weather in the area of where the tour is operating matters, it doesnt matter if it is lightning in Henrietta.

-Do we have to sign a waiver before our tour? yes you do, it is attached to your confirmation email as well as right here. The organizer will sign the first page and the entire group including the organizer will sign the second page. 2 things that trip groups up. The first is when you have to fill in the date, you have to fill in the date of your tour. So if you are filling it out ahead of time then make sure you date it with the date of your tour. Secondly it is common for the first person to fill in the date of the tour and everyone just wants to draw an arrow through all the other boxes and we can not have that. Everyone must fill in the date themselves. Boat Waivers

-Does the boat have a motor? Yes it does, a combination of the motor and the pedaling is what makes the boat move. You can pedal as much or as little as you want. We are selling fun not exercise

-Can we decorate the boat? Keep it simple because we cannot have anything that will blow off into the water. Make a sign on a piece of poster board to flash at other boats and the people at the bars along the water. 

Everyone sits around a bar top which is perfect for serving food

-Can we go swimming? Hell No, not that we think anyone will want to jump into the Genesse River but it is a super serious situation for us. We have to contact the coast guard and file reports so do not plan on it. 

-How much alcohol can we bring on the tour? We allow 3 12oz cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltzer and mikes hard lemonade type drinks per person.  water does not count against your alcoholic beverage count so be sure to bring some for the group. NO Glass or Liquor which does include jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles

-Do you provide a cooler or do we bring it? You can bring 1 cooler if you would like. Please refrain from bringing multiple coolers, it is just an hour and forty minute boat tour. 

-Where should we park? The Port of Rochester is full of free parking, remember to tell people to park near Bill Grays. Parking is usually pretty easy to find. That is where your tip begins and ends.

-How much should we tip? Traditionally $6 per person onboard with the captain and first mate splitting the tips. You will see they do more than just get you safely around the water. They will be your group photographer and take all the group photos on your phone for you to reward you for all the hard work you do organizing your tour.

-Can we smoke on the boat? No due to coast guard regulations smoking and e cigarettes are banned on board. Before we begin our pre tour talk we will let everyone know that if you smoke get one last smoke in now because that is all you can do for the next 90 minutes.

-Is there a weight limit for the bike seats? Yes, if someone is too heavy then they will bend our seat and the chains will not work. 275lb is the limit but they are able to sit on the back bench or stand.

-Does the bike have shade? The bike has an awesome retractable canopy so we can control how much or how little sun the group wants. It also does a great job protecting the group from the rain.

-Dress Policy- Dont wear a skirt or sundress you are sitting on a bike seat for 100 minutes. Make sure everyone is in flats, no high heels because with the waves you will potentially fall/you have to get down a ladder onto the boat. Bring a wristlet vs a large purse to save space for alcohol and food. Remember when the sun goes down at night it gets much colder with the wind coming off the lake. Bring a hoodie

-Cycle Boat Passenger Release of Liability Waiver

-Cycle Boat Checklist