Cycle Boat Pro Tips

This page is to go over more details then the basics covered on the Cycle Boat page on our website. Our only goal is to make sure your group has as much fun as possible and can’t wait to come on another tour. This stuff covers pre tour, during the tour and post tour. 

Pre Tour-

  • forward the confirmation email to everyone coming so you do not have to say everything over and over and no one can say “you didnt tell me this or that” Its just they did not read what you sent them
  • assign people to bring different dishes so you do not end up with 7 bags of chips
  • don’t forget to bring the water and sunscreen
  • dont forget it is 10 degrees colder by the lake then in the city, so potentially bring a hoodie
  • the bathrooms are by the Abbots custard and California Rolling, making sure everyone “empties the tank”
  • as everyone is meeting up and going to the bathroom make sure everyone signs the waiver. Make sure everyone fills in the date of the tour themselves (no drawing arrows through the boxes)
  • don’t forget to make a sign on posterboard to use during your tour. take a look at the blog entries about decorating and signs/li>
  • your tour will begin and end along the riverside of the port complex. one side of it faces lake ave and where the boats are docked at the port. we pick you up on the other side by where the fast ferry used to pick up guests. It is a glassy green house looking building, right by the giant Port of Rochester sign. Once you are in the proximity you are sure to see the boat
  • have everyone tell you their favorite song and put them on a playlist for people to guess whose favorite song it was
  • make sure people in your group do not open alcoholic beverages beforehand because the cops ride around on bicycles all the time and will write you an open container citation. 
  • when everyone is paying you back for the tour before hand, collect the tip money for the crew then.

During The Tour-

  • play trivia, karaoke or heads up on your phone. Bring a prize from the dollar store for the winners
  • take lots of photos. your first mate will take a bunch of group photos but be sure to take more photos amongst yourselves
  • eat food and drink water
  • when the first mate and captain ask if you want to go to a bar where there is dock space, don’t say we want to see what other bars look like. it doesnt work like that, all the bars on the water are fun. trying to figure out which will be better from 100 yards away is just a guess. get off, use the bathroom, order food/drinks and hangout for a little then you can take your drink back with you
  • if you are in the back of the boat towards the captain, if the music isnt loud enough then go to the front by the speaker. no need to turn the volume so high that the people in the front have trouble hearing each other
  • dont be a music critic and criticize the DJs playlist…. unless it is really really bad
  • wave to everyone you pass on boats or at the restaurant/bars on the water
  • don’t yell at the assholes that go flying by and creating wakes 

Post Tour

  • make sure your group has plans and hopefully reservations. trying to get 17 people drinking for 90 minutes to agree on anything is easier said then done.
  • dont drive home drunk, you can leave your cars in the parking lot overnight
  • there is a ride share bike station so you ride to and from the Port of Rochester complex. tons of bike racks to lock your bike up during the tour
  • dont forget to tip the crew, sometimes things get chaotic at the end 
  • even if you have to go to the bathroom really bad wait the 2 minutes for the end of tour photos. those are the best photos and there is nothing worse then a great group photo where you are not in it. 


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