Party With Us On Our 18 Person Party Boat!

Rochester Pedal Boat Tour

We operate from the start of May until mid October

Bring your own cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltzers and mikes hard lemonade type drinks as well as any food and snacks you want to bring and join us for a 100 minute cruise down the Genesse River. Costs start at $350 weekdays (monday-thursday) and $400 for weekends for up to 10 people. Each additional guests cost $30 per person more. 18 people max All tours are 100 minutes. Tax is already in those numbers, tip for the crew is not. Traditionally guests tip $6 per person which the first mate and captain divide up equally between themselves.

Whats the Difference Between A Pedal Bike Tour and a Pedal Boat Tour?

One of the main differences between the bikes and the boat is that on the bikes you go bar hopping but this is a party boat which is why we allow you to bring more alcohol.  The boat also has a motor which makes it better for younger and older groups who may have trouble pedaling a bike around the city. Your tour begins and ends at the Port of Rochester by Bill Grays and we take you up and down the Genesse River.

Where Does The Pedal Boat Tour Take Us?

Tours begin and end at the Port of Rochester in Charlotte where you will find a ton of free parking. Please park near Bill Grays because that is where the public bathrooms are and where the boat will pick you up and drop you off.    The nearby area is filled with many restaurants and bars for you to continue your evening at. Please make a reservation ahead of time so they can make sure they accommodate your group.

If you had fun on the pedal bike tour then just wait until you go out on the boat! Viewing availability is simple, just click the green book now button at the top of the page and it will show you an up to the minute availability calendar. Be sure to call us on the phone so we can save you from having to pay the online processing fee of 6%. 585-348-7498. Half the payment is due when you book and the other half is collected on the 14th day before your tour. Once you pay you will get a confirmation email that we want you to forward or copy and paste it to everyone coming so that you do not have to say all the important stuff over and over again. Then when people forget what you told them they can check it again instead of having to ask you. Also no one can say you did not tell me this or that. One of the crew members will call you in the days before your tour to answer any questions you have