Done for 2015, What To Expect In 2016

The 4 months of 2015 of doing tours in Rochester were amazing on so many levels. Rochester showed its true colors and stepped up whenever I needed help and I was able to find many great local vendors to work with. I had a some sold out weekends where I had to turn down business which is why I bought a 2nd bike. My new bike fits 15 people versus 13 on my original bike. It also features seat backs (prevents people from getting off wrong) step boards to help people get up and a padded riders seat for the 3 riders in the back. I decided to not raise the prices for it to give people an incentive to book early so that they could rent the bigger bike which helps them defray costs by 15 versus 13. We will continue doing tours 7 days a week, from afternoon to late night (11pm start times) Both bikes can be rented at the same time for larger groups. I am in a referral based business and I love when groups tell me how much fun they had and how they cant wait to do it again. I keep telling myself if they had fun last year without drinking then just wait until they can drink this year. We strongly recommend booking sooner rather than later so you don’t lose out on the date and time you want to book because tour spots are filling up quickly. When you book only half the money is due (the other half is due 30 days before your tour) I cant wait to see how they fill in the Inner Loop and what becomes of the land and the surrounding businesses around it. I kept hearing from business owners that everyone has been speculating on land values rising and that is why growth has been minimal but that once the Inner Loop is developed more businesses will move into the area. You can expect to see the bike at festivals and events this winter and spring. Then St Patrick’s Day comes and the new bike begins operating. Spring is the perfect time for a tour and as the weather improves we get busier and busier and we do a discounted Spring Rate for all tours done before April 14th. We look forward to all this Spring/Summer/Fall of tours and taking out the majority of Rochester citizens looking to have a great time out with friends!

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