Every Tour Ever

From having driven hundreds of tours I have found certain things make people laugh and people say certain things so I wanted to take a moment to joke about all the things we hear driving tours. People always ask us are we the fastest, best, prettiest group ever and the answer is …. I will tell you after the tip 😉 But no really we know not to tell a group that they are pedaling fast because the immediately slow down. When they ask are we a good group and we say yes then all of a sudden they start misbehaving. Are we the prettiest group? Absolutely and then they all giggle. Some other things every tour does

Ask or act surprised when the driver tells the group they control the brakes- did you really think the bike did not have brakes or that we allowed you to control them after drinking for 2 hours?

Wooo just like the How I Met Your Mother episode everyone woo’s on a pedal tour. Men, women, young, old they all woo. 

Ask us why isn’t the driver pedaling- its mechanically unfeasible/how would we break if we were pedaling.

Ask if they can bring their beer into a bar- this is the dumbest to me because why would a bar allow you to bring your own beer into their bar. 

Where is the bathroom on here- this is just a cheap way for someone to get a laugh

Where is the front of the bike- where the steering wheel is duh


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