Fall Pedal Tours

After a busy summer of tours it leaves me excited for a cooler fall climate which is more condusive to pedal tours. With fall pedal tours not only does the temprature drop but it involves a few different things ranging from types of beers brought, how to dress and times of day most sought after. My experience of driving tours last fall and winter gives me some wisdom to pass onto you the reader. 

Beers- With the temperature being cooler it is not as important to bring light beers and Coronas. With Oktoberfest beers being out these are far more common to see and now is the time of the year to bring ipa’s and heaveier beers. For wines people still bring whites over reds. The only red wine we see is sangria. Still not allowed to bring liquor on the bike unless you put fireball in your apple pie instead of lemon juice (trust me this will be your best apple pie ever)

What to wear- It depends on the time of your tour because when the sun is out it is still warm but as the sun goes down it comes time to put on a hoodie. We have plenty of storage on the bike for you to put a hoodie to wear later. Sun’s out gun’s out but once it goes down the temperature drops 10-15 degrees and even tho you are pedaling and drinking we would still rather you be safe then sorry…. Although we always bring an extra hoodie. Rochester Pedal Tour hoodies are only $20 are by far the best hoodie you will own, they are soft as heck and we are not trying to make any money off them. We actually lose money selling them at that price we just want to keep you warm. 

Times of Day- in the fall/winter/spring the earlier tours are what is most sought after to take advantage of the sunlight. Not that anything is wrong with night tours but once it gets colder who would not want to take advantage of sunglight and the warmer temperature. 

Extras- Fall/spring tours are awesome because of a variety of factors and once winter comes do not let cold weather scare you. Cheaper prices after Thanksgiving weekend, weather guarantees and being able to book more last minute as you see good weather in the forecase are great reasons to celebrate your birthday/bachelorette/friend coming home for the holidays. 

Snow Tour

Snow Tour

2 Responses to “Fall Pedal Tours”

  1. Luann McNicholl

    On line it looks like 8:45 is only available Tour time for Saturday 10/15 is that true. We are looking for a Rochester city tour

    • szai_bpt

      On Saturday the 15th we only have 11am and 11pm available. The listings on the website are up to the minute so you can count on what you see being available


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