Fall Tours

As I write this in November I am one week from packing up the bike and putting it into a garage to store it for the winter. It is not the cold that prevents us from doing tours, it is the salt and slush on the ground which would destroy the underside of the bike. My goal is to operate one bike as year round as possible this upcoming year. People think the best time to do tours is in the summer but the best time is during the cooler spring and fall. Its not just the temperature but the leaves are amazing, I know you are like I am not doing a pedal tour to look at the leaves but they are just so pretty that you will want to take videos of everything you see. The view from the roof top bar at the Strathallan is exquisite. We begin tours on St Patrick’s Day and we will have multiple bikes operating next year. It is very exciting to have multiple bikes so we can accommodate larger groups and more people can get to experience Rochester on board our pedal powered trolleys.

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