Halloween Weekend

I had high expectations for Halloween weekend and it did not disappoint. Those who booked tours were treated to an epic night out. Friday night we went all around the South Wedge from La Casa to Swiftwater to Butapub to Firehouse to Marshall Street. Some random observations from my night were that everyone leaving La Casa seemed to be on a date (it really is a great date spot). The poutine at Butapub was amazing and it was a great scene. Firehouse was filled with people in costume which was great to see because not many people were dressed up on Friday night. That is what made the tour Friday so special because everyone in passing cars and on the street loved seeing everyone in costume. At stop lights we had Ted jump on the front of the bike and start break dancing which was hilarious and passing cars absolutely loved it. Saturday I had 3 tours, the first a mixer (smaller groups going out together) was awesome. The girls all assembled awesome Toy Story and Ellen costumes and we had a man in a full body dog costume.  This tour loved the East End route and all the attention they received from passing cars. The 8:30pm tour which did the Park Ave route got to see all the kids in costume trick or treating and all the costumed adults making their way with 30 packs to the party. It made for an awkward mix of buzzed people trying to talk to little kids in costumes as parents just hoped they wouldn’t say anything stupid. Driving down East Ave to the StrathAllan all the cars loved seeing all the super heros, I loved the snuggie costumes that I saw in abundance this year.  The 11pm tours were filled and the rowdy group got to go around the East End and enjoyed an awesome Halloween party at Richmonds.  Moral of the story next year get your friends together and enjoy Halloween weekend the 28th and 29th (Halloween falls on a Monday) Take a look at the photo gallery and you will see the smiles don’t lie, everyone had an amazing time!V__ABF8