New Downtown Pedal Tour Route

What an exciting time to be downtown, everyday while I am driving tours I notice so many people walking and biking around. You would be shocked at how many tourists visit here, tourists are smart to ask us for directions or where they should go to eat or party because we know Rochester so well. When people ask us what our funnest tour is I always say the architecture tour because you still drink on the bike and visit 1 bar versus 3 which is how many a normal bar tour visits. We could never do a full downtown bar tour until Native Eatery and Bar opened up by Geva theater which allows us to make sure groups get their pedals worth when they rent the bike. The first stop is Bar Bantam which is the Metropolitan Building they offer our riders a managers special which means a rotating special so you have to ask the bartender when you go in. The next stop is to the St Paul Corridor bars which include Tapas 177, Scotland Yard and 5th Frame Brewery. Scotland Yard offers $3 Shock Tops, $5 mules and a dollar off craft cans. Where we park is the same regardless of which of the 3 bars you pick and where it is located is right by all the cool Wall Therapy Murals so we will take some cool group photos of everyone in front of them. You will get around 25 minutes in all 3 bars you visit. The last stop is Native Eatery and Bar which sits right across from Geva Theatre in the 3 City Center Building. It has the super cool piece of art you see when you get off the 490 at the Clinton exit that takes you into downtown. They have an amazing patio and drinks, your group will love it. After we pedal back to Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where the tour begins and ends. In terms for the length and effort for the pedal it is an easy pedal that almost every group should be able to accomplish as long as everyone pedals! Remember we encourage you to harass anyone on your bike in a pedal seat that is not pedaling because they go from someone generating power to someone who is weight being pedaled around and it makes it much harder on all the other peddlers

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