COVID-19 Policy September 1st 2022

Covid is over for the most part so the only policy we have has to do with what happens if someone in the group has covid. We will always try and work with groups who can show documented covid positive tests and pay a reschedule fee. It is important to note that with rescheduling you can pick any date sunday-friday. Saturdays are not part of it and you can pick the new date/time later. Everything must be done in writing so you just respond to the confirmation email and we will see it right away and message you back asap. There is a certain working together with this so we expect you to acknowledge the covid policy outlined here and on the confirmation email when you reach out.


  • The waiver asks for everyones phone number, this has nothing to with marketing purposes but it would be given to the local health department for contact tracing if necessary.
  • Anyone feeling ill we ask not to come to protect your group
  • The time slots between tours has been extended so that no groups coming or going come into contact with each other before/after tour.
  • Pre Tour your driver will call to find out where your group wants to visit. On the day of the tour they will call them ahead of time to ensure they can accommodate your group. If they cannot we will help you choose another bar
  • Rochester Pedal Tour employees have all been fully vaccinated, they will wear masks if your group wants them to.

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