COVID-19 Policy

In regards to the governors new rules requiring groups to order food with the purchase of alcoholic beverages it does not really impact our groups due to either a really cheap food item or you can order one appetizer per table. The biggest change was from groups not going up to the bar to order and instead having to be seated and their order taken. Each receipt must have a food item on it so many will put the whole tables order on one bill. We are aware of what the different bars are doing so when your driver calls the organizer they can let you know more.

  • Only private groups of family, friends or business associates will be allowed.
  • The waiver asks for everyones phone number, this has nothing to with marketing purposes but it would be given to the local health department for contact tracing if necessary.
  • Anyone feeling ill we ask not to come to protect your group
  • You bring all of your own food and drinks. Please refrain from bringing finger foods and instead to individually wrapped items.
  • The bike/boat will be cleaned before each tour using CDC approved chemicals.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to guests for before and after the tour.
  • The time slots between tours has been extended so that no groups coming or going come into contact with each other before/after tour.
  • Any to go food/drinks we will call in ahead of time to make sure the bar/restaurant has capacity for guests to use the bathroom.
  • We will take groups around downtown to cool murals, parks, views of the city skyline.
  • Rochester Pedal Tour employees will be fully masked (mouth and nose covered) when within 6 feet of any customer.
  • Rochester Pedal Tours guide will have their temperature checked before they begin their days tours. Your guide will ask the group if anyone has displayed any Covid 19 symptoms in the last 14 days. Anyone who has will not be allowed to participate.
  • Bike cost is $300 weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $250 for weekdays. Tax is in that number. Tip for the driver is not and that is for 10 people. Each additional person over the 10th is $25 per person. Up to the 13/15 bikes
  • Boat cost is $400 weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) $350 weekday for groups of 10 people. Each additional person up to 18 people is $25 per person both weekend/weekday.
  • We encourage your group to pre tip on the credit card or via Venmo/Cash app.

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