Post Pedal Tour Idea’s

Your pedal tour just finished, you are feeling good and why would you want the fun to end? Trying to get 15 people who have had a few drinks to agree on something to do is near impossible so that is why it is important to have your post pedal tour plans ahead of time. Here are some great idea’s

The area where your tour will begin and end has something different for everyone. Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where your tour will begin and end. They have amazing bar food, cheap drinks, 3 massive projector TV’s that show all the games and every type of game imaginable (giant jenga, darts, pool, board games, knock em sockem robots and my personal favorite Connect 4) 2 houses down from Marshall Street B&G is Owl House which is a restaurant that specializes in vegetarian dishes. Around the corner from Marshall Street B&G is Rocco’s which is an upscale Italian restaurant in case you want to go that direction. Other bars in the area include Bug Jar and Brickwood

We are also directly in between the South Wedge and East and Alexander Bars which are a quick 5 minute drive away.

Don’t forget the great rate you can get on a room at East Ave Inn (behind City Grill) where they can shuttle you to and from the tour begin/end site. Then you can go back and get changed before you hit all the bars at the East and Alexander area.

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