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Super Hero Bar Crawls in Rochester NY

Super Hero Pedal Tour

Pub Crawls are by far our most popular offering for groups because you get to pick all the different bars and restaurants your group will visit. We now offer 3-13 and  1-15 seat bikes which can be rented simultaneously for larger groups. Those are the maximums the minimum number of peddlers is only 6. You get to decide everything from where you will go, the music you will listen to, and much more. Bring a cooler and cans of beer, wine, cider, sparkling seltzer and mikes hard lemonade type drinks. You are allowed to bring two 12oz cans of each per person, of course water does not count towards that number.  NO glass, NO liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles.  We offer you different routes to pick from and on those routes when there is a cluster of bars you pick among them. All tours begin and end at Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where your group will meet up ahead of time to sign your waivers. Stop in and have a drink, split an appetizer and wait for your tour to begin.  We do tours year round and offer a great winter rate which includes a weather guarantee. This past winter we did well over 50 tours. Between the pedaling, drinking and dressing appropriate you will be more than warm enough. The private pub crawl or brewery tour does not mean you have to only do a bar crawl you can also book here for architecture tours, food tours, history tours, corporate outings or retirement parties. Just be sure to let us know in the questionnaire when you book what type of tour you are looking to do

On your tour, you can play your own music off your phone via our Bluetooth speakers, bring your own food, snacks, appetizers and candy, decorate the pub crawler to celebrate a birthday/bachelorette party; all with us being your tour guide/DD.  This will be the coolest team building activity that your company has done! Email us with any questions at We pride ourselves on responding to you quickly with detailed responses. We also have a partnership with the East Ave Inn (behind City Grill) for a discounted overnight stay and they will pick up and drop you off from Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where your pedal tour will begin and end. To take advantage of this discounted rate simply call the front desk and let them know you are doing a pedal tour and want to take advantage of this special rate.

Our goal is to make sure that organizers job is as stress free as possible which is why we use our experience to help you out every step of the way. When you click the green book now button on our homepage you are able to view an up to the minute availability calendar which is where you will book when the time comes.  Simply type in your name, email, phone number and credit card information and the date and time is yours. The best part is that right when you book you get an awesome confirmation email automatically sent to the email you provide us. It tells you where to be, at what time, bring this, dont wear that and everything we feel is important for groups to know ahead of time. You just forward or copy and paste the email to everyone coming so you do not have to say everything over and over and this way no one can say you did not tell me this or that. They just did not read what you sent them. Your driver will call you in the week leading up to your tour to walk you through the day of your tour, to find out what bars you want to visit and to answer any questions you have. Our drivers do much more then just drive you around, the big thing they do on the day of your tour is take all the group photos on your phone. Make sure you have plenty of battery and memory so they can snap away and capture the memories for you.

To Ensure A Perfect Tour Read Our Blog Section Which Are Detailed Write Ups About Every Facet of a Pedal Tour Including Routes, Packing and Decorating

All 4 of our Bikes

Rochester Pedal Tours Drink Specials/Route Options

We are in a referral based business and all of our routes are great, what makes them different is that they entail different amounts of pedaling. The East Ave route is the shortest and easiest pedal, Park Avenue is the longest and the South Wedge is in the middle. When we call the week leading up to your tour to walk you through the day of your tour and to find out what bars you want to visit. With 4 bikes potentially out at once we work to make sure they will not all be at the same bars at the same time.

East End Route Options

ROC Brewing -> Ox and Stone/Lanai/Daily Refresher/City Grill/Murphy’s Law/ Brass -> Steadfast/Flower City Station/Temple/Salingers is our shortest route

If you want a longer route then you can do ROC Brewing/Ox and Stone/Old Toad/Lanai/Daily Refresher/Murphy’s Law/City Grill/ Brass then head off to Temple/Salingers/Steadfast/Flower City Station ->Richmonds/Joeys/East End Tavern.

  • ROC Brewing- $1 off beer flights, $1 off pints after that
  • Brass – $3 Bud and Bud Lights
  • Lanai- $5 off pitchers of frozen drinks
  • Flower City Station- $1 off Bud Light products, never pay a cover
  • Steadfast- $5 Tall Boys of Tecate (24oz cans)
  • Temple -free slice of people with purchase of alcoholic beverage
  • Salingers $1 off all drinks and because they do not have a kitchen you can bring in your own food and snacks
  • Richmonds- $1 off drafts and $4 orange, cherry and grape bombs

Brewery Tour

3 Heads Brewing Company -> ROC Brewing Company

Genesse Brewhouse -> ROC Brewing

Park Ave Route

  • Blue Wolf buy one get one select craft beers, $2.50 Bud/Bud Lights
  • Roam Café $3 Bud and Bud Lights
  • Half Pint you can bring your own food or snacks in because they do not have a kitchen

Hybrid Route

Half Pint to Strathallan Rooftop Bar to either City Grill/Daily Refresher/Lanai/Old Toad. 

Lanai does $5 off pitchers of frozen drinks

South Wedge Route

  • Butapub- $1 off craft beers and well drinks
  • Swillburger/Playhouse will give you free game tokens when you purchase a drink
  • Swift Water Brewery lets you bring in your own food and snacks
  • Lux- $3 Pap Smears (PBR and shot of well) and you can bring your own food and snacks inside
  • The Cub Roam does $2 off specialty cocktails

New St Paul Corridor Route

Abilene’s Bar and Lounge to Fifth Frame/Tapas 177 /Scotland Yard Pub then we head to Dinosaur BBQ so make sure you call ahead and place a food order

Please note that on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday certain bars and breweries are closed

Love the Cutouts

We do tons of multi bike tours for larger groups