Progressive Dinner Restaurant Tour

Thanks to the governor all of our tours are progressive dinners now! The main difference between an progressive dinner and normal tour is when your driver will reach out to you to plan your tour. We want to talk over where you want to stop earlier so that you can decide on what 2 restaurants then forward menus to the group and have them pick out foods. In the past the goal was shareable dishes for everyone to be able to try new things. Now we want to keep everyone safe.

This super cool event takes you to 2 restaurants with guests pre ordering food at both restaurants then ordering drinks as they arrive. For the desert portion of the tour they either bring desert or pick up cupcakes from Sinful Sweets which is on the way to the first area of restaurants you will pick one among.  You decide where you want to go and what you want to order so you are responsible for that cost.

What To Bring On My Progressive Dinner Tour?

Bring your own cans of beer and wine in single serving plastic containers but you may only bring 2 alcoholic beverages per person (12oz cans of beer,wine,cider, sparkling seltzers and mikes hard lemonade type drinks) NO glass or liquor which does include mixed drinks in water bottles.  Contact us with any questions at 585-348-7498 or email us at These tours are great for celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, retirement parties, corporate outings  or to show off Rochester’s culinary scene to out of town guests.

Awesome restaurants that we have worked with in the past include
Veneto Gourmet (Italian food and Pizza) on East Avenue by Alexander
Ox and Stone a great place for tacos, craft cocktails and so much more
Swan Dive has great pizza options
then pedal off to another area of the city
Dinosaur BBQ is great for takeout to eat at Washington Square Park where you can drink your own beverages from the bike
Native Eatery has an amazing patio and local ingredients