Keys To A Successful Pedal Tours

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog entries, we put the time into writing these blogs because we want to make sure your group has as much fun as possible. We have learned from experience that between reading the blog entries and the pre tour phone call if you just do what we instruct you to your group will have an amazing experience. From driving so many tours I get to see firsthand what works and what does not work and I want you to learn from past groups.  It all starts with the organizers communication with the group because we convey everything to the organizer and from there it is up to the organizer to pass it on to the group. We instruct the organizer to forward the confirmation email to the group because it says where to be, at what time, how to dress, what to pack, what to do and not to do.  Then the Monday before your tour we call the organizer to walk you through the day of your tour from where to park, what to pack, what route you want to do, decorating, what to wear and much much more. From there it is up to organizer to let the group know everything. As long as you do what we say you will be fine, the only time tours go wrong is when the organizer is too intoxicated.  

Pro Tips:

  • Print out the waivers and bring them with you, as your group arrives have them sign them (make sure everyone fills in the date themselves when they sign it)
  • Bring a wristlet versus a large purse. You only need your license, credit cards and cash during the tour. 
  • Bring warm clothes to put on later in case you get cold, we have room for storage
  • Make sure you bring some type of food, snacks, appetizers or candy to munch on during the tour
  • We provide a speaker and it has bluetooth capabilities so no need to bring a speaker or aux cord
  • We will take all the photos on the organizers phone, let us pose everyone because we know all the good poses and photos and we will be sure to take them of your group. 
  • Don’t overdecorate. Examples bringing 10 ballons, 4  birthday banners, 3 color streamers. See Decorating Blog
  • If someone is running late they can meet us at the first bar so they do not hold up the group. But when you ask how far away are you make sure you follow it up with “how far away are you really” because they are usually farther then they originally tell you.
  • Make sure your group is not drinking any alcohol or food that you brought for your tour in front of Marshall Street Bar and Grill or inside of it. We don’t want to get started on the wrong foot because that person is not allowed on the tour so please let your group know this important rule. They have the cheapest drinks in town so go inside and enjoy yourself
  • Collect the tip with the money people use to pay you back with and give the driver the tip sometime before the end of the tour because when the tour ends things get chaotic. 

Dont Be That Person Tips:

  • who brings glass 
  • who holds up the group from leaving one bar so they can smoke a cigarette/use the bathroom
  • tries to act cute with someone we pass on the street
  • steal glasses from the bar
  • who asks “we have to pedal this?”
  • try to pull a fast one, we have seen it all before 
  • leaves there cell phone in your pants pocket and has it fall, after we warn you move it somewhere secure for that very reason.
  • who doesn’t pedal at all during the tour, everyone should get at one break to enjoy themselves over the course of the tour. Dont be that person who refuses to pedal/ who makes up lies to get out of it  (unless you are injured then that is different)
  • interrupts the driver during the pre tour speech, they are cutting into your groups time out on the bike so help the driver keep them in line.
  • who calls someone riding past us on the regular bike a show off
  • so we tell the groups when we leave the last bar that any open beers have to be drank by the time we get back and you cannot take them with you. DONT open a beer when we are a minute away from being back, try to sneak the open beer to consume later, hold us up from taking care of the next group because we have to wait for you to finish your beer.

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