Social Mixers For Singles & Groups


**we do not add people to groups. Mixers take placerarely in the summer so be sure to check our facebook group for announced tours** 

Everyone is always trying to make new friends or they may be new to the area and only have a few friends but still want to go on a tourSocial Mixers in Rochester NY.  Mixers are a great opportunity to go on a tour & meet people. If a mixer coincides with your friend’s birthday this is a great way to go out & celebrate. You may also want to go on our Taco Tuesday Mixer, where you go to 3 restaurants to try delicious tacos. This takes place the first and third Tuesdays in the spring and fall (you must be there at 5:30pm). Tacos are not included in the price and places switch week to week. When you buy your ticket we will email you a special instructions/ordering of the Tacos. We call ahead and pick them up/have them ready as you arrive to maximize your time. The best part about mixers is that everyone wants to be there.  Tickets to our mixers are sold on a per person basis and we offer them whenever no private tours are booked. Tours are announced via Facebook on the Sunday before that week. With mixers we are not adding you to someone’s private tour you are going out with other smaller groups.  During our busy summer months you will not find mixers on weekends and very rarely during weekdays because they are booked up with private tours. Tickets are $30 per person for a 2 hour tour that takes you to the coolest bars  around the city. Another positive about mixers is that no one has to collect money and organize the group. All you have to do is click the link below and you can purchase the tickets.  All the bars offer drink specials and have great patios and craft beer lists. This is the coolest date idea in Rochester! It is exercise, it is drinking, it is different.  Just watch her say yes when you ask her. What we like most about these tours is that groups bond and become one by the end of the tour and it is very common that they go to a bar together when the tour is done.  Bring your own cans of beer and wine in single serving plastic containers but only 2 alcoholic drinks per person (12oz beers) this is strictly enforced. NO glass, NO liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles. Email us with any questions at We pride ourselves on responding quickly and with detailed answers.

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Pokemon Social Mixers in Rochester NY

Pokemon Pedal Tour Mixer

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Innaugral Taco Tuesday Mixer

Taco Tuesday

East End Route:

Taco Tuesday- John’s Tex Mex (takeout we eat on the bike) -> Butapub (we order ahead) -> Playhouse/Swillburger (just to have fun) then we drive back to Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where your tour begins and ends. Before your tour begins your driver will take your Taco Orders