Social Mixer Pedal Tours for Singles or Smaller Groups

Since Covid we have only done a few mixers but now for 2023 we are planning on monthly tours for bikes and a few boat tours. Taco Tuesday was always a popular tour so we are doing it the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm. The last Sunday of each month will have a Brewery Tour mixer at 2:30. We will have a St Patricks Day mixer on Friday March 17th at 6pm. April 20th we will have our 420 Up In Smoke Tour. Besides these tours we will be working with local influencers to partner with them on doing mixers with there followers. With facebook changing the way it charges businesses to advertise it is much more expensive for us to promote these types of tours and we also need to sell a certain number of seats for it to even happen. Keep an eye on our facebook page we create an event for each mixer.

Social Mixer Ticket Information and Pricing

With mixers we are not adding you to someone’s private tour you are going out with other smaller groups.  Tickets are $35 per person for a 2 hour tour that takes you to cool breweries, restaurants and places. Another positive about mixers is that no one has to collect money and organize the group. All you have to do is click the link below and you can purchase the tickets.  Your driver is also party host getting everyone to interact with each other. When the tour is done it is common that people continue the party with their new friends at Marshall Street Bar and Grill which is where the tour begins and ends.

You are allowed to bring 2 regular sized cans of seltzers, hard lemonades and iced teas, wine and canned cocktails.  NO glass, NO liquor which includes jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles.  When you book your tour you will get a confirmation email sent to the email you provide us with all the important information about your tour.

** All Tickets Are $35 **

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