Social Mixers in 2022

Social Mixers are when smaller groups go out together. Your pedal tour guide will be playing host and helping to create new friendships. We offer two themed mixers Taco Tuesday and Inner Blog Collaboration night. 

Taco Tuesday involves is the first and third Tuesday of every month where we go out to two different restaurants for tacos. Your driver will take your order when you arrive, pre call the food order in ahead of time and go inside to pick up the tacos and you eat them on the bike. You give the driver cash for the tacos.

Our Inner Loop blog collaboration mixer is new this year and allows the creators of the Inner Loop to engage with fans, tell some jokes and have a good time. This downtown tour will stop at 1 bar but make other stops around along the way. We are expecting this to be popular and have 4 bikes planned to be filled with guests so this will be a great way to make some new friends. This will take place once per month from April until September. 

Purchase tickets by clicking the link

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