Story Time

Every so often on the pedal tour we have a group want to have story time with the driver versus listen to music and they get rewarded with some amazing stories. The blog section of our website seems like a good place to share some of these stories with the outside world. People always ask us were we the best tour at ___ or were we the fastest/slowest. So without blowing up spots and naming names I have taken a moment to share some of my favorites as well as a few from the other drivers

Fastest Group- there is an asterik next to this speed number which was 24mph going down the South Ave hill because the hill is so huge I had to have the entire group get out to push us up the hill (we were seeing if The Distillery was a feasible stop) then we went flying down the hill and we timed it on a skiing ap on someones phone. The fastest we have pedaled was 16mph on an architecture tour for an office, it was awesome going that fast… it was not awesome when they burned themselves out for the rest of the tour tho.

Slowest Group- this would be too subjective because how fast the group is going feels different depending on how fast the group before them was peddaling. Smaller groups are some of our fastest, same with groups of older people are some of our best peddlers. Thinking back it had to be this group of mitch’s on a bachelor party who were fighting over who didn’t have to pedal and then not pedaling because they couldn’t take a selfie and pedal. Frustrating tour!

Funnest Group- I am happy to report that every single one of our groups leaves saying how good a time they have had. As the driver what makes a tour fun is people that listen to our rules and pedal. What comes to mind as I write this would be a group that has done multiple tours in costume with special mixes the 80s and 90s parties that they have thrown on the bike. The group bring this energy that is contagious and when they leave the bar everyone in the bar wants to say goodbye and the energy in the bar goes from 100 to 0. They follow all the rules, come back to the bike on time and spread a postive vibe to evereyone we pass.

Worst Rider- the guy who misread the website (it cannot even remotely be interpreted as Rochester Pedal Tours buying an appetizer and drink for you) and claimed I owed an appetizer and drink to everyone in his group and got in my face screaming and swearing at me saying he would not be quiet until I bought them all one. Alcohol makes people do stupid things we totally understand but this dude in his 50’s should probably never drink again with behavior like that. I have driven 500+ tours and never had anyone remotely act anywhere near that beligerent and stupid. He makes my 2nd worst experience seem like a cake walk. 

Weirdest Experience – settling a dispute between a guy and his ex gf in the South Wedge about if she had a right to vegetable in a garden that they planted together. In case you are wondering my verdict it was that she had rights to a one time half the ripe vegetable of anything she would use. Idk how the police were not called and why they abided by my verdict but that was an interesting experience having them argue their cases. 

Favorite Experience had to be driving Fred Jackson on his wifes birthday pedal tour. When people noticed it was Fred on the tour they came around the block to get there cameras ready and go for the high fives. We have had soo many celebrities on the bike and I am proud we never exploit the intimate moments they have with family and friends for social media love. 

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