Team Building Pedal Tour Activities in Rochester NY

Covid has changed the way businesses operate and many offices people only see each other over zoom. Rochester Pedal Tours offers a great way to get everyone together for a genuine team building where you can limit the risks. All of our tours are for private groups and your driver is fully masked when they are with you. The boat takes groups up and down the Genesse River. The bikes take you around downtown, you do not have to make any stops if you do not want to.

A team building pedal bike tour provides you and your co-workers with a great way to enjoy each other’s company outside the office. We realize it can be difficult to unwind and have a good time when you’re stuck in the office doing mundane tasks, so why not hop on a pedal trolley with Rochester Pedal Tours and enjoy a night out on the town with those you work closely with every day?

What to Expect for your Pedal Tour

First and foremost, you should expect to have a fun-filled time! Allow us to be your tour guide and designated driver as you ride around some of the most popular areas of Rochester, including East End, Park Ave, and South Wedge. You are welcome to bring your own cans of beer, seltzers, wine, cider, mikes hard lemonade in addition to the food you must bring to comply with the governors orders

Rochester Pedal Tours has multiple bikes to accommodate larger groups and an 18 person boat that takes groups up and down the Genesse River. We handle the driving for both, provide a bluetooth speaker for you to use and you get to bring your own food and drinks (alcohol included)

Choosing a Team Building Pedal Tour

Rochester Pedal Tours offers different tours consisting of private pub crawls, brewery tours, progressive dinners, architecture tours, and more! When booked for team building outings, these tours can be a great way to get to know your co-workers and feel more comfortable with them outside the office. It’s our goal to ensure everyone has a great time, so the bonds formed on your pedal tour spill into your workday come Monday morning.

Enjoy a comfortable night out with a couple of drinks, some food, and a ton of laughs as you get to know your co-workers! Book your next team building experience with Rochester Pedal Tours today!