Top 10 Pandora Stations To Listen To On Your Pedal Tour

This isn’t a Taliban controlled territory, you get to pick the music you want to listen to as you cruise around the city. All of our bikes have a great speaker system which you hook up to peoples cell phones. Listen to Pandora, Spotify or a custom play lists. We leave the music up to the organizer because they have the hardest job organizing the outing and it is our way of rewarding them. Some pro tips for the music- first when your driver tells you how to hook with our speaker try doing it then so if you need help we can get you connected before we start to pedal. Pedaling without music is strenuous, the music really does make a difference. Our speakers have no password and are titled Ion for those organizers reading this who want to earn some brownie points. Now when you leave the radius of the bike you will want to pause your music so you don’t kill your battery and data. When you come back to the bike you will have to reconnect to the speaker if you leave the connection radius. People commonly complain about the speaker not working then when I go to connect them I find that they are looking for Ion in wifi, not bluetooth. Dont be that person Here are our Top 10 stations to play when on your pedal tour: 10.Kid Cudi Pandora- Aren’t we all in the pursuit of happiness? 9.Red Hot Chili Peppers – idk what to add they are just awesome 8.Bike Riding Pandora- someone has to try and be funny but its actually pretty lame 7.Ja Rule watch as everyone sings along to all the classics 6.Easton Corbin plays the best all around country 5.Lady Gaga gets all the girls dancing 4.Jimmy Buffet -parrot heads love it! 3.Hip Hop BBQ – yes the BBQ part is needed, this is my personal favorite. Never hear the same song twice 2.Macklemore – And We Danced is such an underrated song 1.Pit-bull the song Fireball is burned into my head So when you are debating with your friends over what to play remember these tried and tested stations. Don’t be that group where someone asks what everyone wants to listen to, they can’t agree on something and they put on top 100 Pandora which is all the songs that are played out. Play whatever you want, except no f the police crap which¬†will get the speaker turned off. Shout out to RPD

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