Pedal Party Bike & Pedal Boat Tour Pricing




All  Bike Tours are 2 hours and the numbers include tax but not the tip for the driver. You divide the cost by the number of people on your end

Monday-Thursday $285 per tour– Tour slots at 11am, 1,  3:30, 6 and 8:30

Friday- $350 per tour – Tour slots of 11am, 1,  3:30, 6, 8:30 and 10:45pm

Saturday $350 per tour– Tour slots 10:45am, 1, 3:30, 6, 8:30 and 10:45pm

Sunday  $350 per tour – Tour slots at Noon, 2:30, 5 and 7:30

Pricing By Tour Type

2 hours is the perfect amount of time for a tour. As much as we would love to sell you more time, we find that 2 hours is plenty of time. You will begin at a bar, visit 3 during your tour and where you end there are more bars to visit.

Architecture/History Bike Tours – 120 Minute Tour

Weekends – $400 Same weekday and weekend start times

Weekday – $300 Same weekday and weekend start times

Mixers For Singles120 Minute Tour

Weekends – $30 per person – Contact for Availability

Weekday – $30 per person Contact for Availability

Cycle Boat Tours  –  90 minute tour that fits up to 18-175lb people

Weekends – $500 Same weekday and weekend start times

Weekday – $425 Same weekday and weekend start times


* Half the money is due when you book your tour and the other half is automatically collected on the 30th day before your tour. So if the day you are booking is within 30 days of the tour date the full amount will be due when you book

* The cancellation policy depends on how many days before your tour you are trying to cancel on. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions Section for the full details

* Renting multiple bikes at the same time does not lead to cheaper pricing

* Route choice does not impact pricing at all

We have partnered with the Holiday Inn Downtown to offer our riders a discounted hotel stay and they will shuttle you to and from where the tour begins and ends. All you have to do is call Monica at 5850324-0026 and tell her you are doing a pedal tour and she will take care of you





Our 4 awesome bikes all lit up at night

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Each tour is customizable and we aim to make it 100% yours. Don’t like the bars? We can cruise to a park and have a picnic and people watch as we cruise around. See something cool going on that you want to check out, lets improvise and stop to check it out. Bring your own food, snacks and non alcoholic beverages. Play your own music off our speakers via your phone and our Bluetooth system. Your friends, out of town guests, or family will THANK YOU for putting the group together.