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Meet Your Walking Tour Guide

Hi! My name is Philip and I am the owner of Rochester Pedal Tours. During our winter off-season, I do a lot of traveling. So far, I have been to 31 countries and in many of the mid to large size cities, I always sign-up for the FREE walking tour of the city center.

Now the tour isn’t exactly “Free,” because you tip what you feel your guide deserves at the end of the walking tour. In a sense, it is “free” for you to check out – if you hate it and think it was junk, then you don’t tip anything. If you had a great time and enjoyed your experience then you tip what you feel is deserved.

Our walking tour in Rochester begins at the Liberty Pole and will walk around the city center and end right by Dinosaur BBQ. Some of the things you will see and take photos in front of are the I Love Rochester Sign, St Josephs Cathedral which was a magnificent church destroyed by fire and turned into a park (where I got married in September) Wall Therapy Murals line the city and we will walk along the river and look into Rochester’s famous abandon subway. There are many other things we will see along the way and I promise to not bore you with dates and names you will not remember. Just stories and photo op’s for you to show Rochester off to your friends.


When Are The Walking Tours?

  • Our Walking Tours will happen every Friday at 12pm (EST) from May until the end of September.

If your group is looking to take a walking tour on a different date/time please contact us and we will see if we can work something out.

I ask that every tourist arrive 15 minutes ahead of time, where the tour meets is also our first stop so if you are running late, you can still join in! We walk to the second stop about 15 minutes into the tour.

Where Are The Walking Tours?

Tours begin at the Liberty Pole right in the heart of downtown Rochester and will end at Dinosaur BBQ (also in the heart of downtown).

How Long Is The Walking Tour?

Tours will go for 1.5 hours, so bring a water bottle, your walking shoes and listen to me tell you about Rochester’s past, present and future. Take advantage of my knowledge from working in the streets all day & every day in the summer.

If you have any questions please call/text me (Philip) at 716-472-4412

Photo at the I Love Rochester Sign

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