Welcome To Rochester Pedal Tours!

I wish I had taken the time to update this more over the course of the summer, I have kept a journal so I never forget the experience of moving to a new city and only knowing a handful of people and starting a business. It has been a wild journey filled with lots of hard work, great people and exciting memories. My first tour was on July 9th it was with a handful of friends from college (salute to Fredonia) and friends of friends.  As we  entered the street for the first time an adrenaline rush took over me as all the hard work came into fruition. Going left on Alexander to East we passed a police officer and he U turned to come around and ask what it was. While we were stopped at the first bar a group of patrol cars came to check us out and we pedaled around the block so I could show it off.  The Rochester Police Department has been Awesome to me! This summer was super busy when I began tours I got a great deal of publicity that propelled my business and I am grateful for that.  I also need to thank Brian White and Ox and Stone, when I was doing my scouting of the city before I began tours they were the ONLY bar to get back to me about wanting to partner up and they have been amazing partners.  With my season winding down (last tour is November 15th) I cannot wait to start back up next year with 2 bikes. My new bike is a 15 seat bike both bikes can be rented simultaneously which is big for corporate outings and Jack&Jill partiesPicture of Both Bikes

Call 716-472-4412 to book a tour today!

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