WOW it is already mid November

Time flies when you are busy driving pedal tours all the time but it has not finally started to slow down. That does not mean we are done for the year by any means. We have a bunch of work holiday parties in December and families going out on Thanksgiving weekend already on the schedule. Hopefully the weather is decent and the tours are able to go out, how it works in the winter with our weather policy is that if we offer a weather guarantee in terms of snowfall. What that means is that if there is slush in the street we will not go out because the salt will eat up the bottom of the bike. If it is just cold that does not matter because between the pedaling and drinking you will be fine if you wear gloves and something to cover your ears. I also want to take a second to plug our gift cards which can be purchased in 2 amounts. The first is buying $20 gift certificates to be used for a mixer or they can use that amount towards a private rental or $350 which is the private rental amount. The private rental gift certificate is perfect to give to your entire family to go out together at some point in the spring. You pick when you want to use the gift certificate by going to our website to look at the up to the minute availability calendar then using your gift certificate code that is given to you when you are checking out. Give your family and friends this amazing experience they will truly enjoy it and hopefully invite you out on the tour 🙂 Thank you for all the support this year and when you go on a tour let us know you read the blog’s and it will make our day

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